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Green Technology

Brens North America provides unique solutions for rail and industrial infrastructure. From green track, to sound barriers to solutions to mitigate flooding and improve storm water management

Brens North America

Asset Management - Transportation

Looking for innovative in asset management. Level Systems offers unique hardware solutions for rail and transport industries


Cable and Wire

Electrical Cable Specialists (ECS Cable) provides cabling and solutions for complex projects for rail, transit and industrial applications

ECS Cable

Smart City

Looking for technology to improve the way your city operates. Seedia Smart Bench offers unique smart street furniture ranging from benches, trash bins and bus shelters


System Integration Consulting

WGD provides system integration consulting services for rail and transit infrastructure. WGD has decades of combined experience working on Canada's most complex rail projects. WGD specializes in system integration and implementation of systems provides a unique advisory service that large projects require

WGD Consulting

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About Us

We Leverage Technology


We are a group of rail enthousiasts that wants to innovate our industry.

We want to Improve Transit in North America


We provide unique solutions that can drive efficiency improve your bottom line and operations

Business Development Consulting


 Providing insight and opportunity within transportation infrastructure for companies from around the world to pursue opportunities in North America 

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